How to record Mac computer audio into Descript


Whether you're recording a remote interview with Zoom or Skype, or need sounds from other applications like Chrome, Descript makes it easy to record audio from your computer directly into your composition.

Getting started

Please note: Computer Audio for Mac is currently supported on MacOS 10.14 and higher.

To begin, click the recording button in your composition, then select the track details and change your input source to Computer audio.



Configuring Additional Tracks

If you will be recording with your own microphone/input device as well, now is a good time to set up any additional tracks. Click on the microphone settings Gear_icon2.png and choose your desired input device. Then click the + button to the left of the red recording button and label a new track. Also, select the input channel for your device (if applicable).


Once complete, click the Record button to start your recording and a new device called "Descript Loopback Audio" will be created on your Mac (this is the Computer Audio device).

Some third-party applications like Zoom may require that you change the app's default audio output (from "Same as System" or "System Default Output") to "Descript Loopback Audio" AFTER you've started recording in Descript, in order for the audio to appear in Descript.


If the third-party application requires you to select an output device, but does not have “Same as System” or “System Default” as an option, you may not use Computer Audio recording with that application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not hearing the system audio?

Once you've started recording in Descript using the Computer Audio input, a new audio device will be created on your computer typically called "Descript Loopback Audio" or similar.

You may need to check your application's audio output settings and make sure it's set to "System Default Output", "Same as System" or "Descript Loopback Audio".

With Zoom for example, click > Preferences in the menu bar or use the shortcut Cmd + , then select the Audio menu on the left sidebar. Make sure the "Speaker" option is set to Same as System.


How can I pause system notifications so they don't interfere with my recording?

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Notifications. 

  2. In Notifications preferences, select Do Not Disturb on the left, then set options.

Why am I getting lots of feedback / echoing on my Zoom recordings?

If you have enabled "Share computer audio" during a screen sharing session, you will want to disable this for your interview. Descript computer audio does not currently support this feature.