Insert Gap Clip

Gap clips can help you adjust the timing of your media to sound more natural and realistic. When used with Room Tone, you can also create a seamless transition between clips in your timeline.


How to add a gap clip

It's as simple as going down to the timeline, right-clicking, and then selecting Insert Gap Clip. This will add the default one-second long gap clip.




You can extend or remove the silence by clicking and dragging the ends of the Gap Clip in either direction. 




Drag Pin Track to create gap clip

Want to have your intro music to play over silence at the beginning of your composition? If you've got that music in the Pin track, just drag the clip to the left, and Descript will automatically create a gap clip. 



Adding gap clips to Overdub

Gap clips can only be added after you've converted the Overdub text to audio. In order to add a gap clip to your Overdub voice, select the text you'd like to convert, right-click it, and choose Overdub > Convert Overdub to normal audio from the menu that appears


Replacing timeline range selections with gap clips

You can easily replace a part of a clip with a gap clip by clicking and dragging to make a timeline selection, then right-clicking and selecting Replace with gap clip. Or, if you like keyboard shortcuts you can use Shift+Backspace.



Replacing filler words with gap clips

Using filler word removal on video files can cause unexpected jump clips in your edits. Descript allows you to replace filler words with gap clips which detaches the audio layer from the video layer into a multitrack Sequence which preserves your video while removing the audio segment you don't want. To do so, enable the "Replace with gap clip" toggle before clicking "Apply."



Room Tone in Gap Clips

Descript automatically generates Room Tone for all gap clips to create a smooth, seamless transition between clips. If you do not want room tone to be generated for gap clips in a specific project, you can turn it off in Project Settings by disabling Add room tone to new gap clips.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will Insert Gap Clip add gap clips to all the tracks in my project?

No, the Insert Gap Clip feature only inserts it into the track that you're working on. So if you want it to insert gap clip into another track, you would do the same process: Right-click, Insert Gap Clip.