Where can I view / download my Descript invoices and payment receipts?

Descript makes your monthly or annual invoice history available online or in the app via the account menu. Invoice history includes:

  • Invoices for monthly and annual subscription payments (including additional monthly transcription hours if any)
  • Metered invoices for White Glove transcription (typically represented as a $0.00 invoice if you have not used White Glove transcription during a given period)
  • Additional "One-time boost" transcription hour payments


Viewing Invoices

You can view your Descript invoice history either by visiting https://web.descript.com/invoices or the equivalent page in your Descript app settings by clicking your profile icon in the top-right corner and selecting Edit Account > Invoices.



There, you can click on an invoice to expand the details. Descript invoices will 


Viewing Receipts

If you want to save a copy of your invoice or payment receipt, simply click on the "View Receipt" button at the top-right corner and you'll have an option to download a PDF version of your invoice / receipt.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my invoices emailed directly to me?

Currently we only offer invoices through the website or in-app Invoices menus. Emailed invoices are not available at this time.