Project Sidebar

The Project Sidebar provides a convenient workspace for organizing all of your Compositions and project files in a single location. In the Project Sidebar, you can:

  • View your project contents
  • Add compositions and other assets
  • Group assets with Folders
  • Open the file details page
  • Open the Sequence editor, and more.


Viewing the Project Sidebar

From the collapsed sidebar view, click Project Sidebar icon or press Option + Command + 2 (MacOS) / Control + Alt + 2 (Windows). Click the pin icon if you would like to keep the sidebar open.



To collapse the sidebar again, click the collapse sidebar button.



Project Sidebar Overview

The Project Sidebar has several features to help organize and access your project contents:

  • Add new... lets you add a import a new media file, create a new composition, or create a new folder



  • Forward & back buttons let you navigate through the history of opened sidebar items. For example, clicking the back button to navigate from the Sequence Editor back to your previously selected Composition.



  • Filter and sort lets you search for anything in the Project Sidebar, order your results, or filter by category. A red dot will appear over the icon when a filter is active.



Folders and media assets

  • All Compositions are listed in sidebar and can be organized in folders
  • The Project Files folder shows the original, unedited media that you’ve imported into this project, including audio, video, and images

  • The Sequences folder shows any multitrack Sequences that you’ve created in the project

  • The Overdubs folder shows any Overdub that's been converted to audio


Adding Files

You can add files to the Project Sidebar by clicking + Add New and selecting File, dragging and dropping the file directly to the Project Sidebar...



...or by dragging and dropping media directly to your Sidebar from a folder location on your computer.


Bypassing Automatic Transcription

Adding files directly to the Project Sidebar provides the added benefit of bypassing the Automatic Transcription process. This is great for users who would like to initiate White Glove transcription, or Import a Transcript for pre-written transcripts.


Deleting Files

To delete a file you can click on the file options (...) button and select Delete.



You also have the ability to select and perform actions on multiple files simultaneously in the Project Sidebar.



Arranging Files

To arrange a file, click and hold the Composition or file, then drag it to the desired location.



Organizing files within Folders

The Project Sidebar automatically organizes Sequences and Project Files into their own Folder. You can add additional folders by clicking + Add New and selecting Folder. Once complete, feel free to drag in your files and media 



Open Editor or Viewer window

Click the name of the file, composition, or sequence.



Other options

Along with everything listed above, the Project Sidebar allows you to: