Moving a Project to a different location

Take control of where your Projects are stored and easily organize or move Projects to specific Folders, Workspaces, or Drives that you have access to. There are two ways to move a project in Descript.


Drive View

To move a Project to a different Drive, Workspace, or Folder in the Drive View, click the ellipsis to the right of the Project and select "Move to..." to prompt the Move menu. You can click the left arrow to navigate backward through your Drive tree, the right arrow to navigate ahead. To select the location you would like to move the folder to, click on the name of a workspace or folder and select Move.




Project View

If you're already in the opened Project, click the down arrow to the right of your Project's name and select the Move to... option to open the navigation window.




If you've moved your project to a new Drive location, a notification will appear at the bottom of the window to confirm the completed action.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I moved my Project to My Workspace but my collaborators can no longer see it!
AMy Workspace is a private Workspace that other drive members can not view. For members of the drive to see your Project, it must be stored in the Drive Workspace. You can read more about Workspaces here: Workspaces

Q: Do I have to be the owner of a Project to move the Project?

A: No, Editor members of a Drive have the ability to move the Project within the Drive. Basic members are unable to move Projects they do not own. You can read more about Membership types here: Drive Membership Types