File Management Overview


Descript automatically syncs your Projects to the Cloud

Provided you have an internet connection, Descript will automatically save your Project as you work — there's no need to manually save. If you have an internet connection, Descript will automatically save changes to the Cloud. If you're offline, Descript will save changes locally and automatically save them to the Cloud the next time you open the app with an internet connection.

Descript saves copies of your files

When you add a file to a Project, Descript creates a copy of the original and backs it up to the cloud, so you never need to worry about misplacing the files you reference in a Descript Project.

Descript also automatically creates optimized versions of your files that are better for sharing and playback.

Monitoring File Activity

You can verify that Descript has recently saved your work by moving your mouse over the Cloud icon in the upper-right corner of the app; a panel will appear indicating the last time the Project was successfully saved. 

If you notice that the Cloud icon has a small spinning circle icon like the one below, that means that the application is currently syncing your work to Descript Drive (there's no need to wait for it to finish — you can keep working). 

Descript works offline.

When you open a Project, Descript will automatically download it to your computer so it works offline. Projects with green checkmarks next to them have been successfully downloaded. Downloaded Projects can be opened and edited offline. Any changes you make will automatically sync to the Cloud when you reconnect to the internet (and have Descript open). 

Note that while you can edit Projects offline, you still need an internet connection to transcribe audio.