Import Transcript

Descript's Import Transcript feature allows you to sync an existing transcript with its corresponding audio, free of charge. This means you can turn a transcript you got elsewhere (say, from a professional transcriptionist) and turn it into a full-fledged Descript Project.


Importing a Transcript

To begin, drag the audio you would like to sync into the Project Sidebar, then click on the More options button at the bottom of the sidebar and select Import transcript.



After the transcript import box appears, copy the contents of your transcript into the text area making sure that the text conforms to our Text Import Formatting Tips, then press the Sync button when ready to proceed. Descript will then start the process of aligning your text with the audio (this can take awhile - up to 50% of the duration of the audio).



While the transcript is syncing to your media, you can drag the file into your Composition. Once the sync is complete, your transcript will appear along with the Speaker Labels if you've included them with your script.



Importing transcripts for multiple files

While Descript does allow you to import transcripts for multiple files, please note that the transcripts must be imported individually - you cannot add a single combined transcript to multiple media files.

After dragging all the files into your sidebar and selecting Import transcript, you will be prompted to add the transcript for the first recorded file. Once that transcript has begun syncing, you will then be prompted to add the transcript for each subsequent file.