Descript's commenting features make it easy to annotate your transcript — and the audio beneath it.

Leaving a Comment

To leave a comment, select some words in your transcript (or double-click on one). Then find the formatting menu at the top of the Edit window, and click the Comment button when finished. Or, if you're a keyboard shortcut person, use Command + Option + M (Mac) or Control + Alt + M (Windows).

A comment box will appear in the right margin - just type your comment, and click Post. All open comments will be visible along the right side of the script.


Your comment will be visible to your collaborators who view the Project wherever they're using Descript, including:

  • In the Descript app for both Mac and Windows (which displays the first comment in a thread in-app, along with a link to view all replies in the full thread).
  • In the Project's web view (accessible via the link in the Share panel)



You can tag collaborators by typing the @ symbol in a comment box and a list of your teammates (Drive members and other invited collaborators). Tagged users will receive a notification to their email inbox with the contents of your comment.




You can also invite new members to your project by typing the + symbol followed by the email address of the user. After the comment is posted they will receive an email invitation to join the Project.



Leaving Comments in the Web View

Leaving comments in the Project's web view will look slightly different than in the app - instead of the formatting menu at the top of the Edit window, the Comment button will pop up above any words you highlight. Just click that button (or use the keyboard shortcut) to leave a comment.



Archiving a Comment

You may archive comments by clicking the circle in the top right corner of the comment box.



The Comment Sidebar

The Comment Sidebar allows you to see all of your composition's comments at a glance. To open it, either click the Show Comment Sidebar button on the right side of the screen or use the Command + Option + C (Mac) or Control + Alt + C (Windows) keyboard shortcut.



Sorting Comments

You may change the sort order of comments by clicking the dropdown menu above the comments area. You can sort by:

  • Timestamp (i.e. the order that they appear in the script)
  • Oldest (i.e. date and time when the comments were added, regardless of their position in the script)
  • Newest 



Viewing Archived Comments

Click the Show button in the top right corner of the Comment Sidebar to switch between viewing Unarchived and Archived comments. You can unarchive a comment to make it visible in the script again by clicking the Unarchive button in the top right corner of a comment box.