Project Search

With Descript project search, you can quickly locate sections of your text and perform actions on the results. 



To get started, click on the Search icon in the top-left corner of the app and type in the word(s) you’re looking for into the text box. A list of search results will be populated below and you can scroll through the list by clicking the Next Result down arrow button (Mac: Cmd + G / Windows: Ctrl + G) or the Previous Result up arrow button (Mac: Shift + Cmd + G / Windows: Shift + Ctrl + G) below.



You may also refine your results by clicking on the "Search In" dropdown box and choosing between the current Composition, or searching across the entire project.



Results will be grouped by Composition and you can either click on the bolded title to jump to the specific Composition, or the results underneath to jump to that result.


Correct Transcript (Find and Replace)

Correcting your text is easy with project search. Once you've located your text, click the Correct transcript button at the bottom and enter the text that you would like to replace your search result with. You can either Apply the change to the current selection, or Apply to all if you would like to correct all of the selected instances.



Remove Media

Search across your project for words to replace and apply batch actions with just the click of a button.

To do so, search for a phrase and then click the Remove Media button at the bottom. You can choose between Delete and Ignore options, then either Apply it to your current selection, or Apply to all.



Copy Search Results

Descript makes it easy to search for content across all of your compositions and copy it to a composition.

Once you've located the keywords or phrases you're looking for, click on the Copy button at the bottom in the "Suggested actions" below.


Next, you'll be able to choose either the Exact Match of the search phrase, or the Surrounding sentence if you'd like the whole thing. Once complete, choose either Apply to all if you'd like to copy all of the results, or just Apply if you only want a single selection you've made from the list.


All of the text and media will be copied to your clipboard and available to paste into the composition of your choice. 


Shorten Word Gaps (Silence)

Word gaps are stretches of silence between the words and phrases in your text and shortening them across your project with the Trim tool can be time consuming. Now you can search for gaps of any length and automatically shorten or remove them with a single click.

To do so, open the search dialogue and change the dropdown to the left of the search box from "Text" to "Word gaps" and you'll be presented with a new view. Here you can specify the length of gap you're looking for then enter a new length that you would like to change it to.


Click Apply if you only want to adjust the current selection, or Apply to all if you'd like to change all of your results at the same time.