Playback Speed


Sometimes it makes sense to slow down — or speed up — your playback speed across the entire document. 

To do this, click the speedometer icon at the top of the app . Use the slider to tweak the speed from 0.5x (half-speed) to 3.0x (triple-speed). You can also use Option + J (Mac)/Alt + J (Win) to decrease the playback speed in 0.1x increments and Option + L/Alt + L to increase it in 0.1x increments. Option + K/Alt + K will return the playback speed to 1x.

You can tweak the speed as much as you’d like while you’re editing. When you export your edited audio, it will play at its original speed.

You may also want to try Patient Playback, which recognizes when you’re making corrections to your transcript and slows down audio playback, so you don’t lose your place.