Can I export video files with embedded subtitles?

Yes! When you export a Composition as an mp4 video file, the subtitle cards are automatically embedded into the file. This means that services that support embedded subtitles may allow the user to enable or disable the subtitle text.

Note: Descript's embedded subtitles are not burned into the video. Burned subtitles are permanently visible in your video and cannot be removed. 

If you would like to add burned subtitles to your video, Descript supports Fancy Captions with our video editing features. You can learn more about Fancy Captions in the following help center article:

Video Editing Overview


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adjust the formatting (text color, size, font) of embedded subtitles?

No - Embedded subtitles only contain the text and timestamp data. Once you have imported your video into the destination application (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or other editing, broadcast or hosting platform) you should have the ability to modify your display properties including text formatting.