Removing and replacing members of a group drive

Removing a member

First, visit your Members page at Now make sure that the correct Drive is selected in the dropdown in the upper right of the screen.

To remove a member, use the the three-dot menu to the right of the member's name and click Delete this member.



You will be prompted to confirm the deletion which you can do by clicking Delete member.


Replacing a team member

If you’d like to swap one team member for another, first remove the team member. You’ll see the open slot on your Account Page: 2 of 3 memberships in use (or similar). 

Click + Add member to invite the replacement team member. Fill out the email address and add a message if you like, then click Add when complete.invite_member.png

Adding a member without removing another

If you add a new team member without removing one, you’ll be charged for an additional seat


How billing works

Removing a team member will create an open seat on your Team that's available to use for the remainder of your billing cycle. When your billing cycle renews, your Account will be charged based on the number of filled seats on your Team at that time. 


How permissions work

Once you remove a team member, they will immediately lose access to any projects they have not been explicitly shared on. Likewise, once you add a team member, they’ll have access to any Projects shared with members of the drive.