The Descript Beta Program

The Descript beta program provides users with early access to new features and the chance to discuss them directly with Descript's creators, giving them the opportunity to shape the direction of the product.

We're looking for beta testers who will take the time to give us detailed feedback - both on their experience using new features, and filing bug reports.

It is important to note that Descript beta is a non-production version of the application and as such may contain features that will change or possibly removed from the development pipeline altogether. Additionally, beta software may contain cosmetic or functional errors that could impact your production. It is recommended that the beta application not be used in mission critical production environments in order to minimize any chances of impact to your production work.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the beta application?


Where can I provide my feedback?

Members are encouraged to join and provide feedback in the beta channel of the Descript Discord community.

  1. Follow the instructions to learn more about and join Discord here.
  2. Navigate to the apply-to-join-beta channel in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Read through the beta program terms and accept by clicking the :test_tube: reaction/emoji at the bottom to gain access to the beta channel.
  4. Navigate to the beta channel in the left-hand sidebar.


Can I switch back and forth between the public release and beta application if I have problems?

Usually, yes. Occasionally we ship changes that break compatibility between the public release and the beta - when that happens, we show a warning in the Editor.

Quit Screen Recorder before switching

If your Screen Recorder settings have the Run in background option enabled, you will need to quit the Screen Recorder first before switching to the other version. Click here to learn how to quit the Screen Recorder.