The Timeline Toolbar

The timeline toolbar allows you to switch between several different cursor tools to assist with editing clips in the timeline.


Getting Started

The timeline toolbar will become visible whenever you hover your cursor over the timeline area.



Select Tool

The Select tool select-tool.png (A) allows you to quickly select and move clips in your timeline. You can even select multiple clips by pressing Shift + Click.



Once selected, click on any of the selected clips and move it to the desired location in your timeline. A vertical yellow line will indicate the clip boundary where the clips will be moved.



Range tool

The Range tool range-tool.png (R) allows you to grab specific parts of your audio file to copy, cut and paste. You can either click and drag your cursor over a specific area, or double-click to select an entire clip.



In addition to this, with Descript's Range tool you can select text from a script and it will apply to the audio file where the text was transcribed from.




Blade tool

The Blade tool blade-tool.png (B) will create a split in your clip at the click location.




Hand tool

The Hand tool hand-tool.png (H) allows you to quickly adjust your horizontal view of the timeline. 



You can also zoom in/out on the timeline by pressing Command + Plus / Command + Minus (MacOS) or Control + Plus / Control + Minus (Windows). See our article on Keyboard Shortcuts for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy any paste into other tracks?

Yes, for example you could copy a selection over to the Pinned Track, a track in your Sequence, or even a track in another Project.


Why is the tool cursor red?

The cursor will turn red if you hover over an invalid location, such as the areas outside of a clip in the timeline.