The Trim Tool

Trimming clips is made easy in Descript. Whether you want to remove extra silence in your recording, shorten a music / effects clip in the timeline, or manually adjust word boundaries, the Trim tool makes fine-tuned adjustments easy.


How to Trim Clips

To begin, hover your mouse over the edge of any clip in the timeline (this includes clip boundaries which are the vertical line that denotes the end of one clip and the beginning of another):



Upon doing so, you'll see the cursor icon change to the Trim Clip icons:

  • Trim-From-Left.png- Trim right side of clip
  • Trim-From-Right.png - Trim left side of clip


From here you can click and drag to extend or shorten your audio clip.



For clips in the Wordbar you'll notice that as you trim the audio clip, words from the audio clip will be added or removed from the transcript.