Clip to Composition


The Clip to Composition feature is a tool that makes it very fast and easy to aggregate selections from your Descript project into a specific composition.

First, make a selection and click on the paperclip icon. This will let you select a target composition to add your selections.


Once you've clicked the blue Clip button, the text you've selected will be added to the composition you selected. This is just a great way as you're going through and listening to make a selection.

Please Note: When using this feature, the selected media will be added to the bottom of the target composition.


Is there a Keyboard Shortcut for this feature?

Yes! For MacOS the shortcut is Cmd + Shift + Option + C, and for Windows it's Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C  You can see a full list of Keyboard Shortcuts here: Keyboard Shortcut List

I've already used the Highlight tool to mark the sections I wanted to add to a composition. Can I use this feature on Highlighted areas?

You can use the Copy Highlights feature in situations like this. More information on the feature here: Copy Highlights