Replace File

Have you ever gotten halfway through editing a Project only to realize there's a problem with one of your source media files? Maybe it's distorting, or you mistakenly loaded in a compressed file and want to replace it with the original?

Use Descript's Replace File to load in a new file and delete the old one. Replacing a file will also create a new optimized version of your file. Replacing a voice file does not regenerate the transcript or change the timing information of the words.

Avoid Data Corruption

Files should only be replaced by files with the same duration and the same content. Failure to do so may result in a significant corruption of your Project content.


How to Replace a File

  1. Click to expand the Project Files folder in the Project Sidebar.
  2. Locate the file and select the ellipsis (...) icon to the right. of the file name, then Replace and then Replace File.
  3. Click the + Choose a file... button, and then navigate to the file on your hard drive. Select the file and click Open. Once you're ready to proceed, click Replace.
  4. After you see the File Replaced message in the bottom-right of the screen, the file has been copied to the project.
  5. A new set of optimized assets will be created and uploaded to the cloud. You can check the status of your asset upload by clicking on the cloud sync status indicator button in the top-right corner of Descript.



Once the files have finished syncing to the cloud, your status will be listed as Synced and backed up.