Creating a new Drive

Descript supports the capability of adding additional drives to your account, each with its own subscription. This is great if you have different projects that require independent billing or if you need to segment collaborators onto isolated drives.

To get started, click the Create a new Drive button in the sidebar of the Drive View, then fill out your plan details. Click Create drive when complete.create_new_drive_75per.gif


Fill out the drive details:

  • Drive Name - If left blank it will auto-fill in the name for you.
  • Your plan - Choose between Creator or Pro.
  • Billing cycle - choose between Monthly or Annual
  • Member seats - Add additional seats if you'll be inviting other members to your drive, or if you need additional Overdub voices (up to 3 per drive). Each seat will also contribute additional transcription time to the shared drive (according to your drive plan allowance).
  • Transcription Limit - Increase the maximum allowable transcription hours for your plan every month, beyond the plan default.

Centralized Billing

Each additional seat that is added to a group Drive will result in another subscription charge. Subscription charges are managed centrally by the drive owner (not by the members who are invited).


Managing Drive Members

As the owner of the drive, you are able to add and remove members as necessary so that your team can work together to edit projects and create your content. For more information on that, check out our Drive Member Management article.


Switching Between Multiple Drives

Once you've either created or been added as a member to multiple drives, you can easily switch between those drives, depending on what projects you need to work on.