Exporting Audio

Need to save your finished work to a file? No problem! Descript's export features provide you with various file type formats and audio quality settings to meet your needs.

Features labeled with Pro_Badge.png are available on Descript's Pro plan.


Getting started

Click the Share button, the Export tab and then choosing Audio from the list of options. 


Export Settings

Descript provides lots of options when exporting your files to give you ultimate control over your final  product. Choose which media you would like to export:

  • Current Composition - This is the default behavior and exports your currently selected composition.
  • Current selection - Select a range of text in your composition to export as video.
  • Markers Pro_Badge.png - Export individual audio files for each of the Markers in the currently selected composition.
  • Line breaks Pro_Badge.png - Export individual audio files for each section of text separated by line breaks within your composition.
  • All Compositions Pro_Badge.png - Batch export a file for each composition in your project. - Batch export a file for each composition in your project. Batch Export requires Descript Pro

Please note: Batch export does not support converting audio-only files to video.


File Format

  • AAC (.m4a)
  • MP3 (.mp3)
  • Lossless WAV (.wav)


  • 1 (mono)
  • 2 (stereo)

Sample Rate

  • 44100
  • 48000

Audio Bitrate (for AAC and MP3 files)

  • 32 kbps
  • 48 kbps
  • 64 kbps
  • 96 kbps
  • 128 kbps
  • 160 kbps
  • 192 kbps
  • 256 kbps

Normalize Volume

We've even made it possible to normalize your audio files when exporting. Here you will have the opportunity to select from the following types of normalization:

  • Off
  • Peak
  • -14 LUFS
  • -16 LUFS
  • -18 LUFS
  • -23 LUFS
  • -24 LUFS


  • Show Title
  • Episode Title
  • Description
  • Artwork (Select local file) 
  • Markers (include Markers as Chapters)

When you're ready to go, click the blue Export button to create your file.


LKFS, LUFS, and Perceived Loudness

Looking to expand your knowledge warehouse with loads LKFS/LUFS goodies? Check out this article by Hugh Robjohns in the February 2014 Issue of Sound on Sound magazine, which provides a wonderfully detailed explanation:

The End of the Loudness War? - Sound on Sound


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Descript say "No Sequence at Playhead" when I try to edit my sequence?

A Sequence is created when you combine two or more audio tracks into a Multitrack Sequence. This message occurs when your playhead is located over a standard media file that is not a sequence file. You can tell if your clip is a sequence file by the sequence icon in the upper left-hand corner.



What does "Failed to export video: Error: expected video timeline" mean?

If you are currently viewing a video composition, and you select a video export with "All Compositions", you will receive this error when any of your other compositions is audio-only. Batch export does not currently support exporting audio-only compositions as video files.