Import Transcript: Formatting Tips

Descript’s Import Transcript feature lets you import an existing transcript and sync it with its corresponding audio — turning it into a full-fledged Descript project.

Descript will automatically detect key attributes in the imported transcript, like Speaker Labels, and insert them into your Project using the following rules:

  • Lines beginning with a name followed by a colon will be converted into Speaker Labels.
  • Timestamps in brackets will be ignored.



Here are some additional tips for getting the best results:

  • Make sure the transcript matches the audio recording. If there’s speech in the audio that isn’t reflected in your existing transcript — or the transcript includes dialogue that isn’t in the audio — you may get sub-par results. Keep an eye out for banter at the beginning or end of the recording that may have been omitted from the transcript.
  • Don’t worry if the transcript omits occasional filler (uhm, uh) or duplicate words — Descript is smart enough to work around minor discrepancies.