Version History

Descript provides a Version History sidebar which allows you to view and restore any previous saved version of your Project.


To access Version History, click dropdown next to your Project name and select View Version History. You'll see a summarized list of the versions of the Project that have been saved to Descript Drive.



If you would like to see a complete list of all revisions, you can click on the Show all revisions toggle. 



You can preview a version by clicking on the View button as you mouse over the various versions. 



While viewing a previous revision, you will notice a yellow banner at the top of the screen indicating that you're currently in a preview window. To restore the version, hover your mouse over the sidebar line item and click the Restore button. A prompt will appear confirming that you'd like to restore — to proceed click Restore version.



A new version will be created in your project at the top of the list with that version's Project contents.


Restoring is a Project-level Action

Please note that when restoring a version in your history, all Compositions and files within a Project will be affected, not just the Composition you happen to be viewing. Especially when working with other collaborators on a Project, you will want to assure that no other necessary changes will be lost by restoring the version.


Other Restore Options

You can also right-click on a version to see a list of options including New Project from revision which will create a new project with that revision's content. This is great if you would like to restore the content from a previous version to a new project without affecting the current project's revisions.




Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when I see a Collaboration Conflict line item in the Version History?
Collaboration Conflicts typically occur when one collaborator on a project is unable to sync their local changes to the cloud for an extended period of time. Other users in the Project may continue making updates to the server, and over time the changes between these two collaborators may begin to differ significantly.
If Descript is unable to cleanly reconcile the differences between the cloud-saved revision, and the local revision a user is attempting to merge, a message will appear indicating a Collaboration Conflict has occurred, and Descript will create a new revision with the conflicting changes. All users will want to review the new version against the previous version to determine which changes must be reconciled (if any), by copying out the previous version's changes to a new project.