Deleting and Ignoring Media from the Script

There are two ways to remove media from your Composition so that it does not play back.


Deleting Media

The first is to select a portion of text in the Script and delete it. This will leave a clip boundary, and the text will be gone. You can recover the text by trimming the clip in the Timeline pane, or using Restore Removed Media.



You can also use the Range tool in the Timeline Toolbar to make a selection in the timeline, then press the Backspace/Delete key to delete it.



Ignoring Text

You can also use Descript's "Ignore" feature to skip audio during playback, without deleting the text. This is useful if there is a chance you'll want to add that audio back into a project later.

To Ignore text, select the text you'd like to skip during playback. In the popup toolbar that appears, click the Ignore button (it looks like a Strikethrough icon) or go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Ignore'. 

Ignored text will display with strikethrough formatting and will be skipped during playback.



If you'd like to bring ignored text back later, select the parts you'd like to hear during playback and press the Ignore button again.



Exporting deleted and ignored text

Deleted text will not appear in exported Transcriptions (Share -> Export -> Text) or Published pages. Ignored text will appear in an exported Transcription, but will not appear in Subtitles or Published Media.