How to organize your Projects with Drive Folders

With Descript, you can keep all of the projects in your drive organized and easy to find with drive Folders.


Creating a Drive Folder

To get started, open a new Drive View window (File > Open Drive View) and click New Folder.



If you do not see the "New Folder" button, you will need to click on one of your Drive names on the left-hand sidebar.



Enter the name you would like to call this folder and select Create Folder.



Your new folder will be listed at the top of the Drive View along with any other projects and folders in your drive. From here, you can pin the folder to the sidebar, rename it, delete it, or even move the folder to another folder.



Pinning Folders to the Sidebar

For quick access to your folders in the Drive View, click the pin icon Pin_Icon.pngon the right side of your folder row and it will be added as a quick link to the left-hand sidebar.



Nesting Folders

Descript allows you to create folders inside of a folder for further organization. To do so, click into your folder, select the New Folder button and then add your folder.



You can also move an existing folder to a new location either inside of another folder...



... or back out again.



Moving a folder will also bring with it all of the folder's contents so you can be sure to keep your project data together.


Navigating through nested Folders

The Descript Drive View has a simple interface for navigating forward and backward through your folder structure. First, click on a folder to view its contents.



When you want to navigate back out again, click on the folder path above to go back to the desired location.



Deleting Drive Folders

To delete a folder, you must first remove all of the contents of the folder, either by moving the contents to a new location, or deleting them. Once the folder has been emptied, you can proceed to delete the folder.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my folder to another drive?

Not yet, but we hope to support this in a future update.