Replace Transcript

Descript makes it easy to replace a the transcript of a file in your composition with a new transcript. This is great for situations when you want to get started editing with an automatic transcription, but later want to add a separate pre-written transcript, or a White Glove transcript once it's been completed.

Replace transcript is only supported in English

Replace transcript is currently only available for English transcripts. Please see our article on languages supported in Descript for more details.

To get started, navigate to the Project Sidebar on the left-hand side of the app, then locate and right-click the source file in question (typically listed within the "Project Files" folder). Mouse over Replace then select Replace transcript...

You will be prompted with a new text box window where you can paste in the contents of your transcript. Once complete, click the blue Sync button.



In a few minutes, your new transcript will be aligned to the audio and you're all set. To make sure that your new transcript is formatted correctly, check out our help center article on the topic: Import Transcript: Formatting Tips