Flatten Tracks

If you're looking to simplify an edited project, narrate a pre-written script, or trim down your multimedia before sending it off for transcription, Descript's Flatten Tracks feature can help.


Getting Started

It's important to note that flattening a track creates a brand new file in your composition overwriting your existing timeline edits. Typically we recommend duplicating the composition before flattening in the event that you may want to later make revisions to your edits, so that you still have access to both versions. You can do so by clicking on the ellipsis icon (...) to the right of your Composition and selecting Duplicate.



Once you have your composition ready to go, click on the ellipsis icon (...) next to your Compositions name and mouse over Flatten Tracks. You'll see two options here depending on your intended workflow:


Script track only

Select this option if you want only your script track flattened into a new file.



All tracks

This option is for when you want all of the media in your Composition flattened together into a single file (speech, music, fx, intros and outros).



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the transcript for an edited composition with a pre-written transcript I already have?

Yes! If you've recorded to a pre-written transcript, you can easily replace the AI transcript with your pre-written script. Here's a help center article with the details: Replacing an edited file with an existing transcript


How can I trim down unnecessary conversation in a Composition before sending it off for transcription?

After adding your media to a new composition, you'll want to exit out of the transcription dialogue and Trim or edit out any extraneous conversation or silences.

Once complete you can flatten your track, copy the file to the Finder/Explorer (in the Project Sidebar, right-click the file and select Copy file to Finder/Explorer), then re-add to a Composition for transcription.