Assuring that clip levels are consistent across your project can be a tedious and time consuming process - we totally get it. That’s why we introduced Auto-leveling, which automatically adjusts the gain for individual audio clips in your timeline. 


New Files

To get started, add a new clip to your project either by dragging a file from outside of the application or adding a new file to your media library:



Your clip’s gain will automatically be adjusted to -24 LUFS, improving it's perceived loudness in relation to other Auto-leveled clips in your project.


Individual Clips

You can even use Auto-leveling on individual clip edits on your track. To do so, right-click one of your clips, then select the Auto-level clip option.


Tip: You can also do this by clicking on the desired clip then selecting Edit > Auto-level clip  in the menubar, or by using the keyboard shortcut (Mac: Command + L, Windows: Ctrl + L).

You can always make further adjustments to your clips' gain after they've been Auto-leveled by clicking on the volume icon and moving your curser left/right.



Disabling Auto-leveling

If for any reason you need to disable the Auto-leveling feature, simply click on your project dropdown arrow and select Project Settings then click the toggle button in the Auto-leveling section. You can then click the blue Save changes button to continue:



LKFS, LUFS, and Perceived Loudness

Looking to expand your knowledge warehouse with loads LKFS/LUFS goodies? Check out this article by Hugh Robjohns in the February 2014 Issue of Sound on Sound magazine, which provides a wonderfully detailed explanation:

The End of the Loudness War? - Sound on Sound