Adjusting the timing and intonation of your Overdub audio

Here are some tips to improve the timing and intonation of your Overdub-generated audio.


Play with punctuation

Periods and commas affect Overdub intonation. Add and remove them to fine-tune delivery.


Adjust spacing

Right-click on an Overdub (or hover over the clip in the timeline) to convert it to normal Descript audio. Once it’s audio, you can fine-tune the word spacing and sentence boundaries just like any other clip. Learn more about Timeline Editing.


Overdub more words

If you’re making an editorial correction of a word and it sounds unnatural, undo and experiment with grabbing another word or two on either side.



Adjust the speed of Overdub audio

While Overdub does not currently feature speed controls, try experimenting with Voice Styles and playing around with punctuation to find the best result that suits your use case.

You can also experiment with Clip Speed to make minor adjustments to the overall speed of your Overdub recording.


Adjust the volume of Overdub audio

By converting Overdub clips to normal audio, as explained above, you can adjust the volume the way you usually adjust audio volume in Descript, using the Clip Inspector.

Adjust volume.gif