Overdub API

The Overdub API and using Overdub with Synthesia

The Overdub API is available to new and existing Descript Enterprise customers. The Overdub API is intended to extend the functionality of Descript and Overdub (including Stock voices). The API allows users a scripting interface for bulk generation of their Overdub or Stock voices.

Some Overdub API use cases include customized audio advertisements, personalized content for connected fitness applications, dialogue for video games, audio for tutorials and educational content, and many more.

To view the Overdub API documentation, please see: https://docs.descriptapi.com/

  • Descript allows for access to an unlimited number of custom Overdub voices.

  • All custom voices created by a user through the Descript desktop app are available for use through the Overdub API.

  • The Overdub API generates audio with a 2-3 second processing time.

  • The Overdub API includes 300,000 words created per month. Additional words are charged an overage fee. Please contact the Descript Enterprise team for pricing and details.

To use Overdub with Synthesia, customers must have a Descript Enterprise license. To see how the Overdub API integrates with Synthesia, please see the documentation outlined here: Descript Overdub with Synthesia

For more information on Descript Enterprise and the Overdub API, please contact the Enterprise team here: https://www.descript.com/enterprise-contact