Create Overdub Voice from Drive View


Create a new Overdub Voice

Click on the Overdub tab in your Drive View (File > Open Drive View), then select Get Started.

If you've already created a voice previously, click the blue + Create new Voice button in the top-right corner. You'll be prompted to add a name for your new voice, then click Confirm when complete.



You'll be directed to a new Overdub training project that includes instructions for how to create your voice on the right-hand sidebar.


Accessing the training instructions

If you've closed the instructions and want to view them again, click the Instructions button (to the left of the blue Submit button) at the top of the project.


Add training data

The first step is to upload or record your training data. You may do so in one of 3 ways:

Recording tips

  • Descript is able to handle occasional errors in your spoken audio, so feel free to continue recording even if you make the occasional mistake or mispronunciation.
  • Speak clearly and naturally as if you're speaking to your audience/subject so the resulting voice matches your normal speaking voice.
  • For pre-recorded content, we recommend that each audio file contain similar recording conditions and expressiveness for best results.

More recording suggestions can be found in our article Overdub Voice Quality Tips.


Record your Voice ID and Submit

Once complete, you may click the Submit training data button.



You will be prompted to record your Voice ID consent statement. Click the Record button and read the displayed statement, then click the stop button once complete:



You may now click the Submit button to start the training process. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to complete the training. We'll send you an email as soon as it's ready to start making Overdubs.

Voice Verification is a Requirement

Your Voice ID consent statement will be analyzed and compared against the provided training audio to assure that they match. If there is insufficient matched audio, your voice training will fail and you will receive an email notification from Descript that the training has failed due to insufficient matched audio.


Retrain your Voice

Once your Overdub voice has finished training, you may go back at any time to add, remove or re-record your training data. Once complete, you may click the Submit training data button again and you will be prompted to either update your Voice ID, or Submit to retrain your voice.



Learn more about Overdub

Check out other articles on our help desk to learn how to use it effectively. Starting with our article Adding Overdub to a Composition.