Video Effects Overview

Descript's powerful video editing features allow you to create and customize your videos. It's easy to get started:


Adding Video (B-Roll) Overlays

To add a video overlay to your timeline drag the file in from a file browser and lay it into the pin track, or inline with a paragraph in the script. You can then click on the video in the video pane to adjust the size and position of the video in the video pane however you like.



Adding Freeze Frames

You can add an adjustable freeze frame for your video by right-clicking on the clip, and selecting Add freeze frame.



Adding Images and GIFs

To add an image, drag a file in from the file browser in the same way as a video above.



Adding Titles

To add a title to your video, click on the + icon in the Insert toolbar and select Title. You can also use the Conductor button (Command + K / Control + K) and search for "Title". The Clip Properties window will expand on the right where you can adjust the Font, Opacity, Colors, Position and more.



Adding Animations with Cues

Cues are special effects that can bring your clips to life. To add a cue, click on the Plus (+) button in the Insert toolbar and search for Cue. If your cursor is positioned over multiple clips, you will be prompted to select which clip the Cue will be associated with.

Once you've chosen the clip, you may choose which type of effect you would like to add:

  • Kitchen Sink - This comes with all of the cue animation options.
  • Zoom and Pan (Position) - Animate the size and position of the clip.
  • Dissolve Video - Animate the opacity of the clip.
  • Fade Audio (only available for clips with audio) - Automate the volume of the clip.



Adjusting Visual Fades / Cross Dissolves

Adjusting fades and cross dissolves is easy and can be done in a couple of different ways:


Timeline Fades

You can quickly add fades and cross dissolves at or in between clip boundaries in the Timeline Editor by clicking the fade marker and dragging left/right to choose between a left/right fade or crossfade between the two clips.

  • Standard fade/dissolve (white marker) - This will both fade the audio and dissolve the video simultaneously.
  • Audio-only fade (blue fade marker) - This will only fade the audio of the clip. Hold Option on Mac while dragging, or Alt on Windows.
  • Video-only dissolve (red dissolve marker) - This will only dissolve the video of the clip. Hold Shift + Option on Mac, or Shift + Alt on Windows.


As a Cue

You can also add a Dissolve Video cue to your clip and adjust the timing and spacing of the dissolve.




Adding Shapes

Descript supports adding and customizing shapes in your video projects. You can choose from a few different shape types:

  • Rectangle (rectangles and squares)
  • Ellipse (circles, ovals)
  • Arrow


Additionally, you can adjust size, width, shadow, colors and opacity in the Clip Properties sidebar.


Adding Fancy Captions

Fancy Captions allow you to create and customize open (burned-in) captions from your Script text directly in the video. To add them, click on the Plus (+) button in the Insert toolbar and search for Fancy Captions, then press Enter



You can right-click on the clip and select Show clip properties to make adjustments to the font size, colors and type.


If you want to quickly add captions for your entire script, click Edit > Select All before adding the caption.


Detaching Audio from Video

If you need to make edits to your audio without affecting the associated video, this option is for you. Simply right-click on the video in either the timeline, or in the Media Library and select Detach audio. Descript will turn your video clip into a multitrack sequence which you can edit and make adjustments to the separated audio track.



Working with Video Layers

With all of these new features, Descript makes it easy to order the visual layout of multiple elements in your pinned track. To do so, right-click on the clip and select from the available options.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Descript support MultiCam editing?

Yes! You can learn more about this in our Multicam Editing Overview article.


How does file management work in Descript?

To learn more about how Descript stores, syncs and updates your files, see our help article File Management Overview.