Setting the primary camera angle with Multicam

Descript makes multi-camera editing simple. You can add multiple videos to a Sequence and then switch the selected camera for the various clips in the timeline.

Getting Started

To get started, add all of your video files to your composition. When prompted, you may add them to a new sequence, and transcribe them if necessary. If you would like to transcribe only certain tracks, you can click on the X icon and transcribe your files individually in the media library. Once complete, Shift + Select all of the files in the media library and Create Multitrack Sequence after the fact.



Once your files are ready, you'll want to make sure they're all lined up. Right-click on your newly created sequence and select Edit sequence. Double-click to select one of your files and then grab it to adjust left/right until it's lined up. Then click the X button to exit the editor when you're done.



If you haven't yet already, open the Inspector by clicking on the icon below your profile picture/initials. The Inspector shows all of your clip properties, including your current Multicam selection.



You can create new edit points along your timeline by right-clicking a spot on the timeline and selecting Split clip



To change your camera selection, select the timeline clip you would like to adjust and click the Multicam dropdown in the Clip Properties. Choose the video you would like to switch to and the preview pane will switch to that video.



For even faster editing,  you can make splits in the timeline during playback using the split clip shortcut (Option + B for MacOS, Alt + B for Windows). Select your new clip and adjust the camera.



Automatically Assign Multicam (Early Access Feature)

With the click of a button Descript can now automatically set your camera view to the active speaker