Why does Descript open when I start my computer?

There could be a few reasons that Descript opens automatically when you first open your computer. Check the following settings to manage how your computer launches Descript.


Launch at Login

From Descript's Screen Recorder Preferences, you have the option to enable or disable the Launch at login feature. You'll want to make sure that Descript is open before beginning the steps below.


Disabling Launch at Login on macOS

To disable this feature on macOS, click on the Descript Screen Recorder icon screen-recorder-menubar-logo.png in your macOS menubar, select the gear screen-recorder-preferences-gear.png (preferences) icon, then un-toggle Launch at login.



Disabling Launch at login on Windows

To disable this feature on Windows, click on the notification menu's up arrow, click the Descript Screen Recorder icon, select the gear (preferences) icon, then un-toggle Launch at login.



Click here to learn more about Descript's Screen Recorder.


Startup Apps (Windows 10)

Windows 10 Startup Apps settings determine which applications will be automatically launched during startup. To access this, click the Windows button, Settings, then type Startup Apps. This menu will provide a list of all apps that are configured to be automatically launched. If Descript is listed, click the toggle button to enable or disable for startup.



Taskbar (MacOS)

MacOS applications can also be configured in the Taskbar to launch automatically during startup. To check this setting, right-click on the Descript icon in your Taskbar, hover over Options and check the Open at login setting.



Users & Groups (MacOS)

MacOS also has a feature to open certain applications during startup through the System Preferences. To access this feature click on the System Preferences icon in the taskbar then select Users & Groups. Here you can click on the Login items tab at the top and see a list of auto-start applications for each user. To remove an application, select it in the list then click the minus (-) button below the  list to remove it.