Detect Transcription Errors (Beta)


Descript's Detect Transcription Errors feature identifies sections in your transcription that may need correction and guides you through correcting them at blazing speed.

Future Pro plan feature

This feature will eventually be part of our Pro plan, but for now while it's in Beta, it's free for all plans.


Getting Started

Once your transcript is complete click on the Tools icon at the top of the editor, select Detect transcription errors then Submit to begin the process.



After a minute or two you'll see a series of words underlined in green. Right-click on one of them then select Start correction wizard. Descript will automatically play the selected media then you can either make a correction or just press Enter to skip to the next word.



Continue through to each word and you will be finished up in no time!


Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts can make working with Correction Wizard even faster.

  • Replay Audio: Option + Command + Tab
  • Resume Correction: Command + Option + Shift + E