Workspaces allow you to manage the privacy of your projects with a Team-accessible Drive Workspace, and a private My Workspace area.


Drive Workspace

Projects saved to the Drive Workspace can be viewed by members on your team drive or collaborators that you've invited to a project.



You also have the option of viewing existing members by clicking on their profile icons, as well as inviting new members to your Team drive with either an Editor or Free membership seat by clicking the Plus + button, adding their email address and selecting their membership type.



My Workspace

Projects stored in My Workspace can only be viewed by you or collaborators you've invited to the project. You can make these projects viewable by your Team by either moving them to the Drive Workspace, or by changing the settings in the Project Access menu.

Drive Member Restriction

Please note that Drive members cannot be invited by email to a project that already exists either on the Drive Workspace or a My Workspace on that same Drive.


Selecting a New Project Workspace

New Projects are created in the Drive Workspace by default. You may change this location when creating a project by clicking on the Drive selector, clicking the Back button, then choosing your desired Workspace. Click the Move button when complete.



Moving Projects to a different Workspace

You can move a project from one Workspace to another by clicking on the ellipsis button, selecting Move to..., clicking the Back button, then choosing the desired Workspace. Click Move when complete.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create folders in My Workspace?

Not yet, though we do hope to add this functionality in the future.