Enterprise - Overdub

Overdub is Descript’s ultra-realistic voice cloning functionality that allows you to create a text-to-speech model of your own voice. Enterprise members enjoy flexible, custom, and nearly limitless use of Overdub.

  • Enterprise accounts can create an unlimited amount of Overdub Voices.

  • Overdub Voices created within an Enterprise account can be shared across the organization, so teams can have access to multiple Overdub voices for use in creative projects.

  • Exclusive to Enterprise: Members can create custom Overdub Voices using pre-recorded audio as Overdub training data. For example, Enterprise members can create Overdub Voices on behalf of hosts or voiceover talent by supplying previously existing recordings of their voice. Overdub Voice ID from the specific speaker is still required.
  • Exclusive to Enterprise: Access to the Overdub API, extending Overdub audio generation outside of the Descript app.
  • In addition to custom Overdub Voices, all Enterprise members, both Editor and Basic members, have unlimited access to our suite of pre-recorded Stock Voices.