Enterprise - Transcription and Team Use

For most Enterprise accounts, transcription hours are practically unlimited. Additionally, Enterprise members pay only for Editor seats added to their account. Enterprise members can extend Descript’s screen recording and collaboration tools to their entire organization, for free, by adding an unlimited number of Basic seats. 

  • Each Editor member on an Enterprise plan is provided with 45 hours of transcription per month.
  • These transcription hours are pooled amongst all members on an Enterprise plan, similar to pooling of minutes on a shared cellphone plan.
  • For example, if an Enterprise account has 10 Editor members, they will have access to 450 account-wide transcription hours per month.
  • Currently, transcription functionality in Descript is limited to English language only.
  • Editor members are fully-fledged members with access to all Descript functionality, and Enterprise accounts pay only for the number of Editor members added to their plan.
  • Basic members are free and unlimited, can create and edit screen recordings, and comment on Descript Projects.