Quick Editor

Descript's Quick Editor allows you to edit Screen Recordings before publication with the most commonly used tools in the Descript app.


Getting Started

After the screen recording completes, the Quick Editor will open. Here, the recording can be edited allowing you to correct text or perform basic media edits before publishing the video. 


Project Title


You can set the title of the Project and Publish page simultaneously at the top of the Quick Editor. Simply click on the name and type the new title of the recording. When changing or editing the title of the project, the Publish page will also update to reflect your changes. 

Changing the Published Title

After switching from the Quick Editor to the full Descript Editor (by selecting Edit in Descript), changes made to the name of the project will not automatically update on the published page. You will need to republish for title changes to take effect.


Video Playback

After the recording is completed, you will see a preview of the video. You can playback the entire video by clicking the play button, or scrub to a different location by clicking the progress bar underneath. 



Transcript edits

Just like in a Descript project, the keyboard shortcuts for Text Correction (E), Overdub (D), capitalization (Q), and punctuation (W) are available in the Quick Editor.


Edit in Descript

The Quick Editor has our most common text editing features, but does not have the full suite of video editing features found in a standard Descript Project. If you'd like to edit the screen recording further, click Edit in Descript to convert the project from the Quick Editor to a full Project in Descript. 



Filler Word Detection 

Filler word detection is run automatically in the quick editor. If filler words are detected, a message will appear at the bottom right of the window that allows you remove filler words with one click! 


Re-running Filler Word detection

If filler word removal is skipped, you cannot re-run it in the Quick Editor. You will need to click the Edit the Descript button to open the project in the main Descript editor, and re-run filler word detection on the file from the Project Sidebar.


Speaker Label

You can set a Speaker Label for your screen recording which will appear in the Quick Editor as well as on the published page. Quick Editor remembers your previous setting, so the last speaker label you set in a previous screen recording will automatically populate in the Speaker Label selection box.


Setting Multiple Speaker Labels

You can only set a single speaker label in the Quick Editor, if you need to set multiple speaker labels, you'll need to Edit in Descript.


Copy to Clipboard

To add the screen recording to an existing project, use the Copy to Clipboard Screen_Shot_2021-04-29_at_8.51.42_PM.pngbutton to copy the entire screen recording and transcript to your clipboard, allowing you to paste the media in an existing project for further editing. 


Deleting a Screen Recording


To Delete the recording click the Delete delete.png button on the top right of the Quick Editor. This will permanently remove the project from your Drive as well as the Published webpage.

Deleted Screen Recordings

Deleting a project or recording is a permanent action, and cannot be recovered once complete.


Page & Quick Edit Settings

To access the Quick Editor settings, click the Settings cog.png button on the bottom-right of the Quick Editor. In Settings, you can enable or disable comments as well as automatic transcription of the screen recording.

You can also toggle whether to automatically open the published page once a recording is published.