Restore / refill removed media

Descript allows you to restore deleted media such as filler words in your script and timeline. Restore removed media works on:

  • Timeline clips
  • Sequence clips
  • Pinned Tracks

Restore removed media in the Timeline

To restore a section of removed media, make a clip selection on either side of a clip boundary (the vertical line that denotes the end of one clip and the beginning of another):



Right click on the selection then click Restore removed media.



The deleted media will be restored to your script / timeline as originally recorded.


Restore Removed Media in the Script

To restore your media in the script, select the text on either side of the removed media (indicated by the clip edit boundary in the text). Right-click on the selection and click Restore removed media.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Restore removed media work on clips in the sequence editor?

Not yet - but we hope to add this functionality soon.


Can I batch-restore media and filler words?

Yes! You can select multiple edit boundaries in the timeline using the Range tool for use with this feature.


Why is the feature not showing when I select an edit boundary in the timeline?

Certain edits cannot be restored (for example when one clips is moved in front of an earlier clip in the timeline). This is because the end of the first clip chronologically takes place after the beginning of the second adjacent clip. In these cases you may need to remove the first clip completely in order to make a restoration.


Can I use the Restore Media command to bring back Ignored media? 

No - you'll see the following error message if you try to restore a section of media that has been ignored:



Instead, you can bring back the ignored section of text by selecting it and clicking the Ignore button.