Managing and Sharing your Overdub Voice

Once your Overdub voice has been created, you can view and manage your voice in the Drive View by clicking on the Overdub tab in the left-hand sidebar. If you have more than one voice, click on the voice you would like to view.



The Voice details view will provide you with the following options:

  • Voice Name - Click the Edit button to change the name of your Overdub Voice.
  • Voice styles - Click Manage to view and set your default Overdub Voice Style.
  • Voice verification - this shows the verification status of your voice.
  • Voice training - Click "Open training" to access the training project for your Voice
  • Share Voice - This section shows which Drive Members have access to use your Overdub voice.
  • Delete voice - Click Delete Voice to permanently delete your Overdub voice and its associated training project. Deleted Voices cannot be recovered.


Sharing a Voice

After an Overdub voice is recorded and trained, it is automatically shared with the voice owner by default. Overdub voices can also be shared with any member of a team Drive. Sharing an Overdub Voice with other Drive members provides them the ability to generate Overdub, just as if they were the Voice owner.

To share a voice, first navigate to the Overdub Voices menu from the Drive View. Click the voice to open the voice details page, then click Share Voice.



From the Share Overdub Voice window, select the Billing Drive and User who will receive access to the voice.



Once selected, click Share to grant access of the Overdub voice to the specified user. Once shared, the user will appear in the Users section.