Published Page Access

If you need to track views or control the privacy and access of your Published Pages, Descript allows you to easily do so via the Page Access settings.


Getting Started

To publish a page, click the Publish button on the top-right corner of the Script editor.




From here, you can select one of the following Page Access options.

  • Public (Indexed by search engines)
  • Unlisted (Anyone with the link can access)
  • Restricted (Project access is required to view)



Public (Indexed by search engines)

Public pages may be accessed by anyone via Pages that are Public are set to be indexed by search engines. These pages will be visible in search engine results lists.


Unlisted (Anyone with the link can access)

When the Page is Unlisted, these pages are set to not be indexed by search engines. People who have been provided the link to the page can view it (such as colleagues or friends to whom you've sent the link).


Restricted (Project access is required to view)

By setting the page to Restricted, only users invited to the project will be able to view the Published Page. To learn more about granting specific users access to a project, click here (Project access control).


Page Views (Published page view count) 

After your video is published to the web, you'll be able to track the viewership of the video. If the viewer is logged into a Descript account, video creators will be able to see their name and avatar. Otherwise, these views will appear as anonymous users. The publisher of the page will receive an email notification when the page receives its first view. Views are counted when the viewer hits the play button on the page.