Project Files

Included in the Project Sidebar is the Project Files folder. By default this folder stores all media files that have been added to your Project.


Adding Files to the Project Files folder

You can view all of your Project Files by clicking on the expand arrow to the left of the folder name. To add media, click the + Add new... button.  



You can also drag and drop your media into the Composition window for this to appear in your Project Files folder. 



Organizing files

From the Project Files folder, you can double-click to rename your media, arrange the order of your media, and also access more options for each of your media files. 



Accessing Options

Once you are in your Project Files folder, you can also access more options by clicking the file name and choose More options at the bottom of the sidebar (you an also right-click on the file or select the ellipsis button to the right of the file name).



File Properties

Selecting any file will display the file's properties in The Track Inspector, such as how many Compositions the file is used in, the duration of the file, whether the audio is in Mono or Stereo (along with the number of channels), as well as what properties the original file has versus when the file is optimized to be edited in Descript.



Filter and Sort

Project Files (along with Compositions) can also be filtered and sorted Manually, Alphabetically, By File Type, Duration, and Usage.