Descript for Businesses - Choose a Plan that’s right for your Team

Depending on business objectives, you might not be ready for Descript Enterprise - determine if Creator or Pro will be a good fit.

  • Creator: Record and edit anything! Unleash the power of Descript by creating unlimited projects and screen recordings along with advanced exporting capabilities.  
  • Pro: More power & time savings. Get everything in Creator, plus additional transcription hours and Overdub, along with added functionality around filler words, audiograms, publishing, and exporting.
  • Enterprise:  Provides scale, support and security. Enterprise is best for Teams of 20 or more, that will need limitless use of Descript for creating, editing, collaborating, and publishing.

Invite your entire team to a Creator or Pro plan - and only pay for Editors. That means you can invite as many Basic members as you’d like to your drive. 


What are Basic Members?

Basic members are non-paying (free!) members of your Drive. You can add as many basic members as you like and each of them will have access to unlimited screen recordings within your Drive for free. 

  • Basic members can add use the screen recorder, commenting, and collaboration features all for free. 
  • Editors can create, record, edit, and use Overdub.

Visit the Pricing Page and use the pricing calculator to determine your annual or monthly costs: 



Once you’ve purchased Creator or Pro seats, you can easily manage your drive members by inviting new members, updating existing memberships, or removing members. 

When you’re ready to jump up to an Enterprise Plan, contact us here and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.