Additional Screen Recorder Preferences

You can access additional Screen Recorder preferences by clicking on the gear icon at the top-right of the recording menu.


Recording Settings

  • Start / Stop recording - configure the keyboard shortcut you would like to use to start/stop screen recording.
  • Default Recording Quality - sets the resolution of your recorded videos.
  • Transcribe audio - enables or disables automatic transcription of your recorded audio.
  • Show region recording confirmation - If enabled, Screen Recorder will prompt you to "Start Recording" before beginning recording. If disabled, recordings will begin immediately after defining your selection area.

Quick Editor Settings

  • Show Quick Editor after recording - enables or disabled the Quick Editor for even faster editing of your screen recordings.
  • Open webpage after publish - will automatically open a new browser window with your published recording.

Page Settings

  • Show transcript on page - sets the default display of transcriptions on published pages.
  • Allow comments on page - sets the default display of comments on published pages.
  • Page access - sets the default page access of published pages.

System Settings

  • Run in background - this allows the screen recorder to continue running even after you close the Descript editor.
  • Launch at login - this will launch the Descript Screen Recorder each time you log into your desktop.
  • Drive - For users with multiple Drives, Descript allows you to configure which Drive you would like your Screen Recordings saved to. Captured videos are accessible by clicking on the Screen Recordings option in the left-hand sidebar of the Drive View.