Adding / transcribing multiple files into separate Compositions

Typically when adding multiple files into a blank Composition, each file will be added back-to-back in the Timeline. But what if you want to add each file to a separate Composition?

By following the steps below you can quickly add and transcribe your files into distinct Compositions in your Project.


Add files to the Project Sidebar

The first step is to add your files directly to the Project Sidebar, rather than the Composition itself. You can achieve this either by dragging them into the sidebar, or by clicking the + Add new... button at the top of the sidebar.


The files will appear in the sidebar and each will have their checkbox checked for bulk actions


Transcribe Files

Next, you can bulk-transcribe each of the selected files by clicking on the "Transcribe (#) files" button at the bottom of the project sidebar. You can also find this option by right-clicking on one of the selected files in the sidebar.


Once complete, a transcription confirmation window will appear letting you know that your transcriptions will be ready shortly.


Configure additional options

At this point you may add any speaker labels for your files and un-check the checkbox for "Combine (#) files into a multitrack Sequence." This will enable an additional radial button down below that will allow you to "Create (#) Compositions." Go ahead and select that radial button and then click Done when complete.