Clip Inspector

The Clip Inspector provides a one-stop-shop to view and manage the various properties for your Project's files, Compositions and more.


Getting Started 

To open the Inspector click on the Clip Inspector Clip_Inspector_Icon.png  icon at the top-right side of the app window, or press Command + Option + I (Mac) or Control + Alt + I (Windows).



The Inspector sidebar changes as you click around to different areas of your Project to provide relevant details and property controls for adjusting your files, clips and Compositions. Continue reading for an overview of each section.



You can quickly select clips and their adjacent transitions with the convenient mini-map at the top of the Clip Inspector.




Clip Properties

Clip properties can be accessed by right-clicking on the clip and selecting Show Clip Inspector, by opening the Clip Inspector and clicking on a clip in the timeline, or selecting a clip in the mini-map. The properties of your clip will change depending on the type, and will allow you to:



Transition Properties

Click Inspect Transition in the mini-map to bring up the Transition Properties for the clip you'd like to add a transition to.



There, you can enable an audio or video fade, change the length of each type of fade, and select between a crossfade or a fade in/fade out. See our Fades & Crossfades article for more information.


File Details

Selecting a media file in the Project Sidebar will open the file inspector where you can see important metadata and perform various actions.




  • File name
  • Rename files - click on the file's name to change the name of the file.
  • Other file options (...)




The transcript section allows you to view your file's transcript metadata and manage additional options such as:




In this section, you will see a list of all of the locations in your project where the file has been added, such as Compositions and Sequences. Additionally you can perform various actions such as:

  • Jump to composition / sequence - hover your mouse over the name and click the right arrow button to open the location.
  • Create Composition from file - This will create a new Composition from the selected file and switch your view to that Composition.


Cue Properties

Cue properties can be viewed by opening the Inspector then clicking on the green Cue icon in a clip in your Timeline or Pinned track. Cue properties allow you to adjust the various features of a cue such as size, position, and color / highlighting effects.



Pin to script - lets you pin cue to script location, 


Cue effects

You can also manage which Cue effects are visible in the Inspector sidebar by clicking on the ellipsis tab and checking the box of the features you wish to use.