Track Inspector

The Track Inspector gives you access to the mixing properties for all tracks in your compositions. You can quickly adjust the volume for your audio tracks, or go more in-depth and add effects, toggle mute and solo, or adjust the pan.


Getting Started

To open the Track Inspector, click on the Show Track Inspector icon in the top-right side of the window, or use the Command + Option + K (Mac) or Control + Alt + I (Windows) shortcut.



Viewing tracks

Use the drop-down menu to switch between viewing All tracks in the composition, or only the Active tracks (i.e. any track currently playing).



Using the Track Inspector

By default, the Track Inspector shows all of your currently active tracks, with a volume slider on each audio track for quick level adjustments. Clicking on an audio track in the Track Inspector will bring up the Track Properties section, which provides more in-depth mixing features such as volume, pan, Mute/Solo, and audio effects. 



Mixing Settings 

For tracks that include audio, such as the Script track, you can quickly access the Volume, Mute (M) and Solo (S) buttons, or adjust the stereo Pan. Pressing the Mute button will prevent that track from playing while enabled. The Solo button on the other hand, will only play the selected track and mute all other tracks while enabled.



Adding Effects

Click the Add track effect button to add one of Descript's audio effects. The effects are postfader, and will be applied to all audio on the selected track.


Reset Settings

You can quickly reset the volume and pan settings to 0 by double-clicking the volume or pan pot



Deselect a track

If you don't want to see the track properties anymore, press the Escape key to deselect that track.