Create Overdub Voice From Project

Creating New Overdub Voice from Existing Project

In addition to creating your overdub voice from the Drive View, you can now do so directly from the material you're editing, creating a seamless experience for your creation and editing flow in Descript. To get started. You'll want to have a composition that has at least 10 minutes of material in it.


Click on your speaker label, and you'll be able to create a new voice a couple of different ways.



First off, you can create a new voice from here, by selecting New Voice.



Name it accordingly and hit next.



You will then be prompted to record your Voice ID.



Use the record button here to start and stop and then submit.



Alternatively, you can also click on your speaker label and create a new voice by navigating to edit speakers.



Here we'll add a new speaker label.



In the overdub voice dropdown. Navigate down to and select create new voice.



Name it accordingly and hit next.



Record your voice ID and submit.



The great thing is, you can start typing immediately to create placeholders for your new Overdub voice. Those will fill in automatically once the voice is trained, which generally takes about 24 hours.


Voice Verification is a Requirement

Your Voice ID consent statement will be analyzed and compared against the provided training audio to assure that they match. If there is insufficient matched audio, your voice training will fail and you will receive an email notification from Descript that the training has failed due to insufficient matched audio.


Learn more about Overdub

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