Drive View

The Drive View is the central hub for Project organization in Descript. Whether working solo, or with a team of collaborators, the Drive View can help keep your various Projects organized and accessible.


Drive View Layout

The Drive View is primarily organized into two sections: the Main Content Area and the Sidebar. Understanding the various parts of each section will help you better navigate and manage access to your Project content.


Main Content Area

The main content area of the Drive View provides a list of the various Projects that you have created or have access to. From here you can open Projects, search for Projects across your Drives(s), create Drive Folders, and create new Projects or Video recordings.



Project List

Each Project result may contain the following information (varies by Filter view):

  • Icon - Indicates Drive Folders Folder_Icon.png, Projects Project_Icon.png, and Quick Editor Quick_Editor_Icon.png recordings.
  • Name - The name of the Project.
  • Duration - Displays the timeline duration of the first Composition in the Project and the number of additional Compositions. Mouse over to see a duration preview of the first 5 Compositions.
  • Owner - The name of the Project owner. In a Drive filter view such as "Home", it also displays the icon of the associated Drive (mouse over the icon to see the name of the Drive).
  • Created - Date the Project was created.
  • Last Opened by Me / Last modified- Date the project was last opened / modified (or time if today).
  • Published - Will display a Published icon Published_Icon.png with a link to the first published Composition in the Project.
  • Folder Pin - Shows the pinned Pinned_Folder_Icon.png / un-pinned Unpinned_Folder_Icon.png status of the Folder.
  • Download Status - Shows the downloaded Project_Assets_Downloaded_Icon.png or un-downloaded Project_Assets_Not_Downloaded_Icon.png status of a Project's local assets. Also includes a preview of the file size of the Project assets.


Sort Options

You can click on the column header of your search results to sort by ascending / descending order.



Additionally, you can switch between Last Opened by Me and Last modified column headers by clicking on the dropdown selector to the right of the column header.



Search Projects

You can search for specific keywords in the Search bar at the top of the Project List which will return results based on Project title, Composition title, transcribed media, or file name.



New Folder

Keep your Projects organized with Drive Folders and you'll be able to quickly navigate to Projects on your Drive Workspace. Click the New Folder button New_Folder_Icon.png (shortened to a folder icon Folder_Icon.png on smaller screen sizes) to add a Folder to your list. Once added you can easily move projects from one location to another. Folders will always be listed at the top of the Project list, regardless of sort order.


+ New

Create new Projects, Screen, or Camera (MacOS only) recordings directly from the Drive View by clicking the + New button New_Button_Icon.png (shortened to a plus + icon New_Button_Small_Icon.png on smaller screen sizes).

When creating a new Project you can specify the following details:

  • Project Name
  • Drive / Workspace location
  • Project edit permissions for Drive members



Drive View Sidebar

Project Filters

The Drive View provides several quick-access filters to help you locate Projects. From the filter selection you can view:

  • Home - a list of all Projects that you have access to. This view is Project-exclusive and does not include a list of Folders on your Drives.
  • Created by me - only those Projects for which you are the owner.
  • Shared with me - all Projects that you have been invited to as a collaborator.
  • Downloaded - a list of all Projects with downloaded media assets on your computer.



When viewing one of the Project Filters, you will also notice the option to further filter results in the Project List menu. Available options:

  • All
  • Projects
  • Recordings



Overdub Menu

Selecting the Overdub tab will take you to your Overdub menu where you can create a new Overdub voice, and view a list of / manage your existing Overdub Voices.


Drive Selector

For users who have access to multiple Drives (whether additional Drives that they have created, or other Drives that they have been invited to), a dropdown selector will appear below the Overdub tab in the left sidebar that allows them to switch between multiple Drives.



Projects that are saved to the Drive Workspace are accessible to all members of the Drive, whereas clicking on the My Workspace will show those that are visible only to you and any other users (non-Drive members) with whom you share access to your Project.

Here you can also see a list of your pinned Drive Folders for quick access.



Expanding the Drive Workspace dropdown provides a sample view of its Drive members. You may click any of the icons to view the full list of members, or click the plus (+) button to invite new members to the Drive.



Drive owners will have the option to choose between either Editor or Basic Drive membership types, whereas other members of the Drive will be limited to only inviting Basic members.



Expanding the My Workspace dropdown provides quick-access to your Video Recordings Folder.



Project Access

While all members of a Drive have the ability to view and open any Project on the Drive Workspace, Project owners have the ability to allow either Can Edit or Can comment access to their Projects. When Projects are stored on the My Workspace, those Projects are automatically set to Cannot access for Drive members.



Navigating Folders

Drive folders allow you to store an organize your Project content for easy access. You can even add nested folders, one inside another. To view the contents of a Folder, simply click on it's name.



To navigate back out of a Drive folder, click on the navigation bar at the top of the Main content area. You can either click on the ellipsis button for any of the intermediate folders, or you can jump right back to the top-level Workspace by clicking on the name.



Additional Drive Management Options

Drive Settings

Drive owners may access their Drive Settings by clicking their profile icon in the top-right corner of the app and selecting Edit Account > Subscription. From here you can:


Creating additional Drives

When you first get started with Descript, each Descript account will always be associated with at least one Drive:

  • Independent users who create a Descript account will begin with a personal Drive named after them (for example, "Dan's Drive"). 
  • First-time users, who create their account after being invited to collaborate on a team Drive, will only receive access to view the contents of that owner's Drive.

Descript allows account owners to create additional Drives if they wish to have multiple independent Drives / subscriptions under the same email account. It's important to note that subscriptions and memberships for each Drive are managed and billed separately from each other (including the owner's own membership to that Drive).

So for example if you have a personal Drive on a Pro plan subscription, then create a new Drive on that same email account also with a Pro subscription, you will be billed for two Pro memberships.


Adding Drive Members

Drive owners additionally have the option to invite other users to collaborate on their Drive with either an Editor or Basic Drive membership type. Drive owners who have subscribed to a paid plan will be billed for each additional member seat on their Drive (not the member).