Low Shelf EQ

Descript's Low Shelf EQ (equalizer) lets you boost or cut low-end frequencies in your audio. The Low Shelf EQ provides a simple way to quickly shape your sound - tame a boomy voice by cutting the low frequencies, or add some low-end power with a low shelf boost.


Getting Started

If you haven't yet already, check out our Effects Overview for details on adding / removing effects, as well as a breakdown of the various stages you can insert effects into your Composition.


Effect Overview

A low shelf EQ equally raises or lowers all frequencies below a specific frequency value (the cutoff frequency), and gets its name from its flat, shelf-like appearance:





The Low Shelf EQ comes with an array of starter presets to choose from:

  • Boost Low End
  • 80 Hz Cut
  • 80 Hz Boost
  • 80 Hz Medium Cut
  • 80 Hz Medium Boost
  • Neutral


To choose a preset, click the "Select Preset" dropdown selector:



Manually adjusting effects settings

You can adjust the Low Shelf EQ's parameters by clicking on the Show details button:



  • Frequency: Also called the cutoff frequency, determines the point at which frequencies will be adjusted
  • Gain: The amount that the signal will be amplified or attenuated (in dB)