Flanger is a stereophonic effect that creates a "sweeping" or "jet engine" sound in the audio signal. This can be a great for creating a "other-worldly" or "mind-bending" characteristic to your audio.


Getting Started

If you haven't yet already, check out our Effects Overview for details on adding / removing effects, as well as a breakdown of the various stages you can insert effects into your Composition.


Effect Overview

Flanging is produced by combining two identical signals together, where one signal is slightly delayed by a gradually changing rate (period).



The Bit Crusher comes with an array of starter presets to choose from:

  • Weird 3D
  • Guitar Slow
  • Swimming
  • Mono Flange
  • Hayes Valley Hangover

To choose a preset click the "Select Preset" dropdown selector:




Manually Adjusting Effects Settings

You can also manually adjust your settings by clicking on the Show Details button to the right of the preset selector:


Below is a brief overview of each of these settings:

  • Mix - The percentage of effect you would like applied where 0% equals no Flanger effect (original signal only) and 100% is fully saturated.
  • Depth - Determines the amount of delay between the primary and secondary signals.
  • LFO - The length in beats between the highest and lowest "jet" sound.
  • Tempo - The beats per minute (bpm) of the current audio.
  • Mode - Switches between mono (the effect is the same in both channels) and stereo effect modes.